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Our investment style is highly disciplined, combining top-down and bottom-up approaches to complement the Growth at Reasonable Price (GARP) philosophy. This is an approach in-between the traditional growth and value styles – where one looks for undervalued companies that operate unique business models with the potential of stable growth in different market conditions. While a top-down approach is important in determining the overall assumptions on macroeconomic and industry specific matters, it is the company specific fundamental research that is the key to alpha generation. Sector focus is primarily dictated by the benchmarks of different products.


"Companies create wealth, not markets"


Essentially, our belief is that over the long term, investments made in strong businesses which are run by superior management, deliver consistent and superior returns. Faster growth ensures the upside during good times and superior quality of management (read better corporate governance), protects the downside of an investment during tough times - hence over a cycle these investments generate superior returns.


We define our investment process as a combination of bottom-up and top-down approaches. Our investment approach aims to add value principally from fundamental analysis complemented by tactical asset allocation. At a top-down level we consider the macroeconomic themes driving the Indian market. We also look to identify potential macroeconomic risks or industry-specific issues which could adversely affect returns.

The investment process has two layers of alpha generation in form of alpha generation at the investible universe/model portfolio level and the second layer of alpha generation at the fund portfolio creation stage over the model portfolio.

Fixed Income


The formulation of our fixed income strategy begins through a determination of interest rate trends. Portfolio adjustments are then processed to achieve maximum total return. Extension or retraction of maturity / duration begins only after a thorough evaluation of spreads between quality issuers, market sectors and yield curves. Our emphasis is on instruments of the highest quality where the financial strength of the issuer / guarantor is well documented by major rating services. In addition, in - house credit analysis is relied on to arrive at relative positions within major rating categories.

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