PAN and KYC is mandatory for all Mutual Fund transactions. Investors/Unit holders are therefore requested to update their PAN/KYC details at our nearest branch or transaction point. Email us at or call us on 1800 102 2595 for further details.

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As per AMFI guidelines Mutual Fund distributors are required to submit a self-certified declaration to CAMS every year. Download the applicable Self-Certification form from the links below:

  • Form A : Self Certification

    Corporate ARMFA Not Having Sub-Brokers

    Download form a
  • Form A1 : Self Certification

    Corporate ARMFA Having Sub-Brokers

    Download form a1
  • Form B : Self Certification

    ARMFA - Sub-Broker

    Download form b
  • Form C : Self Certification ARMFA

    Individual or Karta of HUF

    Download form c

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