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Consolidation of Folios

People invest at different points of time. Often it is seen that an investor makes a fresh investment in a fund without quoting an existing folio number. As a result, over time, it gets difficult to monitor these investments held in different folios.

An investor can ensure good housekeeping by opting for consolidation of folios. This makes it easier to track and manage investments.

How to Apply

Investor can also download the form and submit the filled form to the nearest AMC/ RTA branch, stating all the folio numbers that are to be consolidated into one target folio.

Things to Consider

Consolidation of folios can be made only if the below details are same in all folios:

  • •      Name & PAN of the unit holders
  • •      Bank Mandate
  • •      Address
  • •      Mode of holding
  • •      Mode of holding

Communication details as mentioned / available in the target folio will be applicable and shall prevail after consolidation of the folios.

Folios where pledge or lien has been marked will not be considered for consolidation as this requires the consent of financier.

  • In case you need any further clarifications, feel free to connect with us:
  • Email – customer.care@bnpparibasmf.in
  • Toll Free Number – 1800 102 2595

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