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  • Learn-Invest-Financial-Planning
    Financial Planning and It’s Benefits

    All of us have dreams that we want to achieve. From buying a car, buying a home, planning higher education for children or planning for retirement. Financial planning is the first step towards realizing your dreams. It helps in identifying your goals and putting a financial value to them.

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  • Learn-Invest-Asset-Allocation
    Understanding Asset Allocation

    "Don't put all your eggs in one basket!" - This age old proverb that most of us have grown up with has diversification of risk as the focal point. Some of the most basic and fundamental principles of investing can often be learnt through simple, real life experiences.

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  • Learn-Invest-Risk-Return
    Understanding Risk & Return

    The simplest way to define risk / return tradeoff is the "ability-to-sleep-well-at-night" test. Some investors handle financial risks better than others due to their current financial health, investment time horizon and realistic returns expectations.

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  • Learn-Invest-GrowthvsDividend
    Investing in Growth vs. Dividend Option

    The dilemma of choosing between Growth or Dividend options of a mutual fund scheme can be one of the most confusing decisions that you need to make while investing. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, and deciding which is a better fit will almost always depend on your individual needs and circumstances.

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  • Learn-Invest-Systematic-Investment-Plan
    Systematic Investment Plan

    A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a method that allows you to invest a fixed sum, regularly, in a mutual fund scheme. It is just like a recurring deposit with the post office or bank where you put in a small amount at regular intervals.

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Investor Education

Learn more about the opportunities to create wealth with mutual funds through Investor Education.

  • 14 Nov 2016

    Financial planning

  • 14 Nov 2016

    Equity investing

  • 14 Nov 2016

    SIP your EMI for creating wealth at 0% interest

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It is mandatory for all mutual fund investors to undergo a one-time KYC (Know Your Customer) process.
For more info on KYC specifically on: the procedure for completing KYC, for changing address details, for changing contact details, for changing bank details, visit bnpparibasmf.in/investor-centre/information-on-kyc.
For more info on submitting a complaint or a grievance, visit https://www.bnpparibasmf.in/contact-us
Further, investors should ensure that they transact ONLY with SEBI Registered Mutual Funds listed under Intermediaries/Market Infrastructure Institutions on the SEBI website https://www.sebi.gov.in/intermediaries.html.
An Investor Awareness Initiative.
Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully.


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"*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them"

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